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Workshops in a Box


Workshops in a Box are a series of presentation materials that inform and educate on the GFANZ Net-zero Transition Plan (NZTP) framework. The presentations contain all the information needed to hold workshops with minimal preparation and can be held independently of each other.

Further information for trainers (those who will deliver the workshops) is available below.

Presentation materials are designed to be equally useful for anyone wishing to self-educate on the framework. Slides highlighted for audience participation can instead be used for individual reflection on the implications of the content.

Transition Planning Examples

These basic workshops aim to provide an overview of the GFANZ’s guidance on net-zero transition planning for financial institutions.

They are suitable for a broad spectrum of users, can be used in any order, and are independent of each other.

Each workshop takes approximately one hour.

The NZTP framework encompasses ten components grouped into five themes, which together cover what GFANZ considers the vital elements of any credible net-zero transition plan.

The recommendations and guidance for each component, along with case studies for discussion and relevant topics to consider, are presented in the five theme workshops.

These real economy workshops focus on financial institution expectations from real-economy companies and include a high-level overview of the GFANZ NZTP framework.

Each workshop aims to provide financial institutions on potential avenues for engagement, in particular, information from real-economy companies to decisions on the allocation of capital and services. It can also inform real-economy companies as they are developing their transition plans.

The GFANZ Workshop in a Box series aims to provide an overview of the GFANZ tools and voluntary guidance. It is suitable for those new to this space, or for senior management and board members who need a high-level understanding of the challenges of net zero and the GFANZ initiative.

The Transition Finance series provides a high-level overview of the GFANZ Secretariat Technical Review Note on Scaling Transition Finance and Real-economy Decarbonization, which is a supplement to the 2022 Net-zero Transition Plans report.

When using these workshops for training purposes, please note that all information needed to host a coherent workshop is present on the slide decks. In case of questions, please refer to our Practitioners’ FAQ and the GFANZ publications.

There is no prescribed order; each workshop can be used independently, allowing trainers to customize the series to suit their needs.

Speech bubbles highlight slides that encourage audience participation. Such slides usually contain suggested questions for discussion and reflection, or they highlight case studies that could be discussed interactively. These slides are suggestions and trainers should decide which questions and interactive sessions are appropriate for their circumstances. Depending on the level of audience participation, each should last roughly one hour.

In case your sessions with these workshops lead to suggestions for changes or uncover the need for further workshops on specific topics, please get in touch by filling out this form.